The World's Best Bass Clarinet Swab

The World's Best Bass Clarinet Swab


Bass Clarinet swabs. I think I’ve tried them all. Silk bass clarinet swabs are way too thin for my liking, and require I pull the swab through the instrument a million times before it looks like it’s dry. I’ve seen (and bought, unfortunately) cotton clarinet and bass clarinet swabs that are just a joke. I’ve used really nice chamois and microfiber swabs, and they’re insanely expensive. I’ve seen students work with socks attached to shoelaces. No I’m not kidding. As they say in TV infomercials, “There’s got to be a better way!”


“Okay,” I said to myself. Or rather, I said to myself, “I’ll buy the materials and pay my 18 year old daughter who is amazing with a sewing machine to do this.” Yes, child labor made these swabs—but they’re impeccably sewn (she’s really good) by hand. (Well, by hand and machine.)

And, let’s talk about the weight for a second. How many of you have seen bass clarinet swabs where the swab was half-way decent, but the pull-weight was too light for the swab, so it just pulled back out the top of the instrument when you let go? I bet a few of you.

So we made this swab with a fantastically soft, thick, absorbent, custom-made Korean microfiber that’s 12″ x 16″ (30cm x 40cm), ruggedly sewn to a thick, 4-foot (1.25m) lace tube — it fits through the entire instrument without taking it apart! — inside which is a 2″ (5cm) stainless steel weight.

You will love this swab. I swear.

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