Soft Nylon Key Brush

Soft Nylon Key Brush


Dusty clarinet keys might not be the first thing you think about when you ask yourself “why can’t I play my scales? Why do my keys feel like they’re made of jello? Why are my keys sticking?” but consider this:

  • You oil your keys.

  • Unless you live in a microprocessor factory, there is dust in your house.

  • Dust + Oil = Gunk

  • Gunk = sticky keys and general loss of key efficiency.

These nylon brushes were designed to clean watch faces, so you’d better believe they are gentle. They won’t pull off rod springs, or do any sort of damage to even the most delicate fish-skin pads (does anyone use those any more?)

Just brush your instrument every few days (or more often if you’re OCD) and you’re good to go. Be sure to get under the rods, and between the rods and posts.

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