Rock With You (Michael Jackson) for Clarinet Choir

Rock With You (Michael Jackson) for Clarinet Choir


The sounds of the 70s don’t get much slicker than this tune. The second #1 tune from Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album. Only better, now that it’s for a clarinet choir.

So here’s what you get. Fun times ahead:

This arrangement is for either 7 clarinets or 7 bass clarinets. I’ve included versions for both. And, you can mix and match many of the parts, so, for example, you can have a bass clarinetist play the bass clarinet part while 6 clarinetists play the other parts. Actually, that would be pretty cool.

In addition, I’ve added a sound file you can use as a backing percussion track (basically just me playing the shaker and doing body percussion. I have bruises to prove it). Also, for this tune I’ve added a “Music Minus One” sound file so you can play along with it by yourself. And yes, you can play either Bb Clarinet or (my preference), Bass Clarinet.

Here, have a listen:

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