Reed Humidifier pack sampler

Reed Humidifier Pack Sampler


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Reeds are temperamental. They like the humidity they like, or they simply don’t cooperate, amiright? Now with these reed humidifier packs, they will definitely cooperate.

Avoid everything from warping to molding (eww!) by simply using one of these disposable two-way humidity packs. Two-way? Huh? Yep, if it’s too humid, these magic packs will remove humidity, and if it’s too dry, they’ll add it back, automatically.

Just stick one in the included heavyweight zipper bag along with your reeds and presto — you’ve got a humidity-controlled environment for up to 4 months.

This sampler pack includes the three most useful RH levels: 62% (for stable medium-term storage), 72% (for daily storage use), and 84% (for ready-to-play, which is perfect for onstage needs). Each is individually vacuum-sealed, and requires no activation.

I can’t promise you a good reed. But with these, I can promise it’ll be the best reed it can be — no warping, no molding, and with long-term stability.


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