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Product Description

If you’re like 90% of the Sax/Bass Clarinet population, you use a neck strap when you play standing up. Let me put this a different way: you hang a heavy instrument from your neck every time you play! (You do realize that a whole bunch of important stuff goes through your neck from your brain to the rest of your body, right?)

Why you probably hate your strap.

You use a neck strap, but you probably hate the feeling of the strap against your neck. You probably feel constrained by a lack of freedom to move your head, arms, hands and shoulders. And if you’ve gone the harness route, you probably hate that it takes 5 minutes to put on and feels (and looks) like a medieval torture device.

Why you want this strap.

I first discovered a leather version of this strap in the 1980s studying with Harry Sparnaay, but it was heavy and expensive. Reimagined using newer materials, our strap is made from commercial-grade seat-belt material (so it’s strong, but light), and with a patent-pending adjustment mechanism and high-quality hinged hook, it’s super-easy to adjust.

To summarize: it’s easy to adjust with one hand, lightweight, extremely portable, and looks great with everything from jeans to formal attire.

Simply put, YOU WILL LOVE THIS STRAP. Try it and If you don’t love it I’ll buy it back from you.

New: Two models to choose from!

Wear a belt when you play? You’ll want the Classic Loop version. This kind clips around your belt.

Don’t wear a belt? You’ll want the Clip On version. This version clips to to whatever you’re wearing on your bottom half. We’ve tested this with a number of different bottoms: trousers, leggings, sweatpants, and some skirts. However, if your skirt is too loose, the weight of the bass clarinet will create…um…a wardrobe malfunction.

Important Sizing information

Everyone’s torso is a different size. Please check the chart below to make sure you’re getting the right one for yours.

How to get the right fit in three easy steps:

  • Get a piece of string, or maybe a long swab, to cross your back from your left side over your right shoulder. If you have a tape measure, that’s the best way—but I don’t think I know anyone with a tape measure.
  • Measure from your waist (the center of your belt, ideally) across your back to your collar bone (see picture)
  • Take the measurement from the string and choose your size!
Sizing Chart for BeltHeld strap

Sizing chart and measuring instructions for BeltHeld bass clarinet strap


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 1 in


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