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Bass Clarinet in A? Why?

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Why is there a Bass Clarinet in A? Does anyone have one? What are/were they used for? Today I got a question from a YouTube viewer about the instrument: I was wondering why there is such a large collection of music written for Bass Clarinets in A, but the instrument is never played. Why do clarinetists readily switch between Soprano Clarinets in A and Bb, but shy away from this practice on Bass Clarinets? Can you share some of your…

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Ideal angle of the neck & mouthpiece for beginners

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Got a good question from a viewer that I wanted to share: I'm wondering your approach to instrument position? I teach middle school band and have students who switch to bass clarinet. Do you have the bell closer to your body, with the clarinet almost at a 45 degree angle away from the body, instrument almost straight up and down or the bell slightly farther away from the feet with the instrument almost at a 30 degree angle away from...
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Life lessons, courtesy of the clarinet.

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Life seems so overwhelming when you’re trying to master something as complex and difficult as a musical instrument. Most people never master something this intricate (think about it! only a minuscule number of people would consider themselves an accomplished musician to any degree). But sometimes we forget that we are making demands on ourselves that many people never make. We assume that other people aren’t having the challenges we’re having. That this comes naturally to some people, but not to…

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What register to play in when improvising?

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Got a good question from someone today: What other instruments are the ideal instruments to accompany bass clarinet? Should a double bass and bass clarinet stay out of the way of each other? Would a cello be better? Does it matter what the other instruments are or can they clash because they are in the same octave space? If you play with a piano, would you try and play in different octaves, or close together for example? Generally when two…

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