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Weird buzzing in ears: “What is that #$%*^@* sound??”

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Got an interesting email from someone who was experiencing a “multiphonic” in their ears when they played certain notes on the clarinet/bass clarinet. Is it real, or is it…combination tones?? Read on: Dear Michael, I’m an adult player. Sometimes when I play I hear a high harmonic / multiphonic that I cannot make go away. It’s not the horn, it’s not the reed, it’s not the mouthpiece – I checked. It’s worse with a Bundy than my R-13, but it’s…

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Dark tone vs Bright tone vs…?

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Good question from the mailbag this week: I’ve been scavenging all over the Internet for more information on how to achieve a dark tone on the Bass Clarinet but what I got was a bunch of mixed information. Some say that it has to deal with how much bottom lip you use, while other sources say that it all depends on the mixture between what ligatures, reeds, and mouthpiece combinations. Thus I decided to get your opinion on how I…

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Bass Clarinet as a college major?

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I got a letter from someone today that brings up something I hear often: Why aren’t there more Bass Clarinet majors? The letter went like this: I have just found out that i will not be accepted for Bass Clarinet [in college] because it is believed to be a secondary or auxiliary instrument. This has been upsetting and a big shock to me as Bass Clarinet is my Primary instrument and passion. Do you have any encouraging advice for a…

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Should I buy an Amati bass clarinet?

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Here’s a question from the mailbag: Hi. I am saving up for an Amati acl 692 bass clarinet (I am 12 so this my take a while but this year through whenever I have enough money for it, I am going to ask for money to be put towards it instead of stuff from Christmas and my birthday) but anyway, I have three questions. 1: have you ever heard of /used this brand? 2: can you please do a video…

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